Kendall Jenner Reveals Why She Didn’t Eat Kylie’s Thanksgiving Food

Kendall JennerKendall Jenner Reveals Why  She Didn’t Eat Kylie’s Thanksgiving FoodAccording to Hollywoodlife , the 21-year-old made sure to show up with an appetite, but upon seeing all the food that Kylie allegedly cooked herself, Kendall decided to only opt for the healthier options — and from what sources said, there was hardly anything that wasn’t filled with calories.
As fans would already know, Kendall Jenner has been working out every single day to prepare herself for the forthcoming Victoria Secret Fashion Show she has been booked for.
The event is only two weeks ago, meaning that if Kendall had stuffed herself with all the delicious food, she would’ve struggled to get back into shape in such a short time.
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Jenner has been preparing for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for months, having kept to a strict diet since the day she found out that she was hired to grace the runway for a second consecutive year, alongside best pals Gigi and Bella Hadid, as confirmed by People.
“Kendall [Jenner] just picked at her food [on Thanksgiving],” one source shard. “She hardly ate anything. It was the same way last year. Right now all that’s on her mind is looking good for the Victoria Secret show.
It’s less than two weeks away and she’s been very strict about sticking to a super healthy diet and she didn’t want to blow it all for one day.”
It’s said that Kylie made an enormous amount of food for the entire family.
In fact, there was so much being served that the 19-year-old’s siblings had to take some home with them.
Khloe Kardashian’s absence from the family’s Thanksgiving only increased the amount of food that was left behind, but regarding Kendall Jenner’s situation, she definitely didn’t want to offend her sister, knowing how much effort she had put into the making of all the delicious stuff she prepared for everyone.
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Hollywood Life continues to add that Kylie was very understanding of Kendall’s decision not to fill up her entire plate with food; she’s not holding any grudges against her sibling. The Victoria’s Secret show is a big deal for the top model, giving Kylie no reason to feel bad that her sister didn’t indulge in everything that she was presented with.

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“Kylie [Jenner] made a lot of the food and she was really proud of her cooking so of course, she noticed Kendall wasn’t eating much,” the source continued. But instead of being angry at Kendall, “she totally gets it though and was super supportive. She told Kendall she’s going to make the whole dinner over again after the Victoria Secret show just for her. So she’s got that to look forward to.”
Kendall Jenner’s career has skyrocketed since making her VS debut at last year’s fashion show. She was accompanied by her parents, Kris and Caitlyn Jenner, but from what insiders have gathered, Kendall is reportedly planning to attend the event by herself this time around.
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Having already had a problem with her father showing up to the fashion show last year, Kendall Jenner doesn’t want to distract people’s attention from the show by bringing her famous family members to such a reputable place.

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